Trial 2 Player Moto Racing

Trial 2 Player Moto Racing

Trial 2 Player Moto Racing

Trial 2 Player Moto Racing is a bike racing game in which you race your opponents through ten difficult levels. 

Welcome to an amazing adventurous motocross racing game. Learn about this brand-new 3D racing game where you'll compete on the most difficult tracks. Race across challenging tracks, over challenging jumps, and up and down mountains to establish who is the ultimate Moto Trial champion. In this two-player racing game, you may earn money to acquire new, faster bikes and advance your motocross abilities. Work your way up to hard mode starting with easy.  

How to play

Drive the fastest. To unlock new levels, finish first. 

Player 1:

  • Use SFED - Drive/steer
  • Use Shift - Nitro
  • Use WR - Kick opponents
  • Use C- Respawn

Single player/Player 2:

  • Use Arrow keys - Drive/steer
  • Use Spacebar - Nitro
  • Use NM - Kick opponents
  • Use H - Respawn

Brainsoftware created Trial 2 Player Moto Racing. They also created the Parking Fury 3 and a number of additional games. Try it right now! 

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