Parking Fury 3

Parking Fury 3

Parking Fury 3

You can drive muscle cars through a variety of cities in Parking Fury 3. As you go through the city, watch out for other drivers and pedestrians.

As you struggle to safely park the number of automobiles on each floor in the designated parking spaces, feel the wrath. Try to complete all 10 of the levels as quickly as you can in the third installment of the popular parking game series. Keep the cars in good shape; else, you'll have to start over.

How to play

Press the arrow keys or a touch screen to park a car.

How soon can you locate parking spots for all the cars in this dimly lit parking lot? You will need to pay strict attention to avoid hitting the bushes and other automobiles in this challenging driving game. The other game in the series, Parking Fury 3D: Bounty Hunter shouldn't be disregarded.

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