Trick Hoops

Trick Hoops

Trick Hoops

Put on your basketball shorts and grab your ball for Trick Hoops because you'll be doing your finest tricks on the court. 

Trick Hoops has extremely simple rules. If you make a basket, you challenge your opponent, who then has to make a basket using the same set of maneuvers or else forfeit a point. The same is true for you when you are pushed. The trick icons should be clicked in the sequence you want to execute them. Place the ball where you wish to begin your trick shot. To control the force and trajectory of your shot, click the ball and pull. To shoot, let go. There are 9 adversaries to defeat. Do you have what it takes to prevail in the entertaining online game Trick Hoops?


  • There are two distinct characters to pick from.
  • There are 12 levels to finish.
  • There are four accessible extra levels.
  • 2D graphics in vibrant colors.


To play, use your keyboard or mouse.  

Play basketball against other users in a competition. Show that you can make baskets from any point on the floor.

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