Ultimate Dunk Hoop

Ultimate Dunk Hoop

Ultimate Dunk Hoop

In the exciting and addicting arcade game known as Ultimate Dunk Hoop, your goal is to score baskets.

You are in control of the basket hoop this time, and you must collect all of the balls. The most exciting game of basketball. You probably already guessed it from the name, but the objective of this game is to score a basket by passing the ball through a modified hoop. The playing field's perimeter walls are armed with numerous sharp protrusions.

Make an effort to get all of the balls that are falling into the basket. You can earn points by dunking the balls, but the game is over once you've used up all three of your lives. Change the position of the hoop to create the ideal swish chaine! The new and innovative basketball came concept known as dunk hoop 2 is as addicting as hell to play.

It is important to get the timing of your movements just right so that you can score a point and not get anything but net. Continue to compete in the game until your name appears at the very top of the leaderboards.


Click and hold the left mouse button.

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