Vex 8

Vex 8

Vex 8

The stickman parkour game Vex 8 is a continuous sequel that presents you with a range of tasks to overcome. 

The eighth installment of the Vex game series features the gifted stickman continuing his journey! A lot of difficult problems will come up for the stickman during his journey. Make use of your stickman's parkour skills to jump over the lethal hazards. In a race against time, see how fast you can cross the finish line. In this thrilling game, show off your parkour abilities! 

There will be obstacles to overcome, such as deep waterways to swim across, and traps to avoid. The stickman will have a task in every chapter, such as gathering coins, which he must do without ever losing consciousness. Reach the objectives and bring the stick figure to the chapter's conclusion. Start a new journey with this incredibly skilled stick figure! 


To move, press the arrow keys or WASD.

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