Wrestle Jump 2

Wrestle Jump 2

Wrestle Jump 2

The exciting follow-up to the heart-pounding sports game Wrestle Jump is here, so get ready to enter into the world of combat in Wrestle Jump 2

You only need to press one button to submit your opponent and take their head off! This furious combat game is a strategy and skill challenge that is powered by adrenaline, not just a sport. You have the option of playing with friends or against the computer. To battle against other online players from across the globe, choose multiplayer mode! 

How to play

All you need to do is exert good control over your character and make use of your abilities when facing up against the adversary. The first person to five wins! Press the button to stretch your wrestler's leg and knock your opponent's head to the ground to score! Always remain alert because a sudden attack can be avoided with fast responses.


  • Player 1: Use "W" to move.
  • Player 2: Use "UP ARROW” to move.
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