Wrestle Online Sports Game

Wrestle Online Sports Game

Wrestle Online Sports Game

In the entertaining and highly immersive arcade game Wrestle Online Sports Game, your goal is to defeat your opponent by simply jumping as high as you can. 

In the two-player version of this entertaining sports game, you can compete against your best buddy or play alone versus the AI. But you have to customize your warrior before you can get into the wrestling ring and start slugging it out. Perhaps easier said than done, but to win, you have to kick, punch, and smack the other wrestler nonstop from the moment the fight starts. Do you believe you can defeat your opponent in Wrestle Online Sports Game?

How to play

With just one key, you can make your goofy-looking wrestler move his legs and knock his opponent's head into the wall or the ground.

  • Player 1: Use Arrows to Move, Use I to Punch, Use O to Kick
  • Player 2: Use WASD to Move, Use 1 to Punch, Use 2 to Kick
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