WWF Royal Rumble

WWF Royal Rumble

WWF Royal Rumble

Experience intense bouts with the most recognizable warriors in history at the WWF Royal Rumble. LJN released this video game, which is a wrestling game. Are wrestling matches your thing?  

Introduce the WWF Royal Rumble online version

A professional wrestling video game for the Super NES and Sega Genesis called WWF Royal Rumble was published by LJN in 1993. The World Wrestling Federation is the basis for this sports game. There are many other match kinds available, including the recently introduced Royal Rumble match. You will be shocked to see a lineup that included wrestlers who were once among the WWF's biggest stars. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your skills at striking and kicking, removing opponents from the ring, and attempting to win each and every match. 

How to play

To begin, select One-on-One, Tag Team, or Triple Tag Team. A One Fall, Brawl, or Tournament stipulation must be selected. Body assaults and atomic drops are among the new moves added to the standard move set in this game. Players can execute signature moves for several wrestlers in WWF Royal Rumble, such as Mr. Perfect and the Tombstone Piledriver used by the Undertaker.

Additionally, this game has a "create-a-wrestler" option that lets users design their own wrestler with special abilities and looks. Now, how about we begin the match in your style?

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