Xmas Dash

Xmas Dash

Xmas Dash

The geometry game special edition Xmas Dash has been introduced this Christmas season; don't miss it!

You may enjoy music and a lovely Christmas mood in this Dash game. It's a rhythm game with Christmas levels decked out in snow and Santa Claus. Don't worry, Xmas Dash's gameplay isn't all that different from other Geometry Dash games. The idea is to focus on the music and execute flawless jumps. Santa cube is the main character instead of normal geometries. Bring Santa to the finish line safely and collect as many gifts as you can.

How to play

In a race against the clock, run and jump through all of the difficult obstacles.


Click or use the spacebar clicker to jump.

With Xmas Dash, you can get immediately into the holiday spirit! Best wishes on your exciting and fast-paced voyage! Check out our Christmas games collection for more titles like this game.