3D Championship Golf
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3D Championship Golf

3D Championship Golf

3D Championship Golf introduces you to a unique 9-hole course with water hazards and sloping greens. This is a new golf game that is both enjoyable and tough.

3D Championship Golf was created by Unimix Studio and published on January 10, 2017. Playing 3D golf in this awesome sports game will allow you to demonstrate your skills and abilities. Recall that your ability to focus is essential to making precise shots at any distance. You'll get an amazing gaming experience with stunning visuals and gameplay that incredibly accurately mimics golf. Now let's get going!


  • Put your mouse near the golfer to hit the ball. 
  • To activate the power bar, click once; to stop it, click again. 
  • To stop the direction or snap bar, click a third time. 
  • You can use the keyboard's arrow keys to alter the perspective and direction.