4096 punch
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4096 punch

4096 punch

Retro-style graphics and simple mechanics characterize 4096 Punch, an arcade boxing game. You can choose from 3 different game modes: 

  • Single Player mode: The AI opponent is faced by you with your chosen character until one prevails.
  • 2-player mode: Two players use the same box inside the ring and the same computer in the two-player mode.
  • Tournament mode: The first person will square off against a succession of international boxers, attempting to win each one without dropping a single round.

How to play

Pick a boxer from your nation of choice, then get into the fight. Every boxer is a representative of their nation. The world's most well-known boxers have assembled for this event, therefore this is not an easy contest. You won't be deterred by that, surely? To gain the opportunity to deliver a combination punch at the perfect moment, stay focused at all times to block your opponent's assaults. 


  • Use WASD to move
  • Use K to punch
  • Use J to hook. 

The key to success is to combine these two skills expertly. You should defend when it's required and attack when your opponent is vulnerable.

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