Backyard Baseball

Backyard Baseball

Backyard Baseball

With brand-new 3D visuals, Backyard Baseball captures the thrill of summertime baseball games! Experience the incredible thrill of baseball firsthand with the Backyard Kids and actual professional players in their youth.

A collection of sports video games called Backyard Baseball is available for the Game Boy Advance (GBA) and other systems. Originally created by Humongous Entertainment, Atari later released this game. Simplified gameplay principles and a cast of fictitious young characters play baseball in this game. To compete in games against other teams, players can construct their own personalized teams, each of which has distinct stats and powers.  

How to play Backyard Baseball

Select from any MLB team, or use custom team names and uniforms to put together your own winning lineup. The opportunity to play alongside pros in your own backyard is once in a lifetime! 

Game modes

  • Single Game: Quick, independent matches in a single game.
  • Season Game: A match in a league with a season-long format that ends with playoffs.
  • Batting Practice: Players can refine their hitting techniques through batting practice.
  • Spectator: Allows participants to observe a game without getting involved.

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