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Baseball 9

Baseball 9

Select your favorite 1994 team from the 28 teams available in Baseball 9, and manage them for the whole 162-game season. 

A component of the renowned World Series Baseball is Baseball 9. This sports game was created by BlueSky Software and released by Sega for the Game Gear and Genesis/Mega Drive systems. It has all 700 players in the league and all 28 clubs, along with the 6-division alignment that was announced just before it was released. The Home Run Derby and a play-by-play feature are included in the game. Thanks to a battery backup, players may play a 162-game season and maintain all player statistics. 

How to play

Prior to actually throwing the ball, decide on your pitch and position rather than the ball's velocity and final destination as you pitch it. Select whether you want to hit for contact or power when taking a swing as opposed to winging it. 


  • To move, use the arrow.
  • Press Enter to get going.
  • To choose a mode, use the space bar. 

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