Basket IO

Basket IO

Basket IO

In the fun streetball .io game Basket IO, you take control of your character and try to guide your team to victory. Try to avoid all of your opponents and score big! 

Assist your man in throwing the ball into the hoop. To be the top basketball player, you must ensure that you score more points than your opponents. In this intensely competitive arena, the goal of game is to become the supreme ball master. Before the timer goes off, defeat your rivals by scoring more points than they do! 

How to play

All you need to do is make accurate shots to guide the ball into the hoop. To score points, steal the ball from your rivals, stay clear of them, and throw it accurately. Your score increases with the number of shots you make. For the most points and impressive fire effects, try to maintain a constant shooting streak. 


This game is played using the mouse. 

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