Billiard and Golf

Billiard and Golf

Billiard and Golf

Billiard and Golf invite you to put your targeting skills to the test while having a great time! As the name implies, this game is a cross between golf and billiards. As a result, you can enjoy both sports under a single title!

How to play

Hit the ball to launch it across the stage. Strive to reach the final hole in a single shot. Experiment with dozens of hand-crafted layouts to set new records for longest streaks. The objective is to pot the ball in a single swift motion. 

To do so, try to calculate its trajectory ahead of time. Predicting how the projectile will bounce off borders at different angles is difficult at first. However, once you get the hang of it, the task becomes almost instinctive. To begin aiming, click and hold the left mouse button. Drag the cursor to change the strength of the strike.


  • Addicting gameplay that is suitable for both novice and experienced players
  • 3D visuals that are appealing, with a rich and vibrant color palette
  • Realistic physics that simulates the relationship between mass, momentum, and speed convincingly.
  • Controls that are comfortable and optimized for various input devices
  • Background music that is catchy and creates a cheerful atmosphere

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