Fall Beans
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Fall Beans

Fall Beans

Fall Beans is a platform battle royale game that offers lighthearted action in place of the intense racing genre. 

Gameplay of Fall Beans

You have to survive each round to move on to the next one, which is similar to a gameshow competition. The winner is the last person standing after the three rounds. In a continuing, combat royale-style encounter, rush madly against a throng of adversaries as you speed toward the finish line. Starting, you'll be surrounded by a throng of rivals who won't stop moving to secure their victory. They can't hurt you, but as they are solid objects, they can knock you off platforms and obstruct your way ahead.

How To Play

How to play

Fall Beans is a 3D isometric game that requires you to use your keyboard to solve a variety of puzzles. There is currently just one possible control scheme.


  • Utilize Up Arrow To Proceed
  • Use the Down Arrow to go back.
  • To Turn Left, Use the Left Arrow
  • To turn right, use the right arrow.
  • To Jump, Press the Spacebar.

Tips and Tricks

The best course of action is to choose the least resistance because it's hard to forecast what the other rivals would think. In the last round, where you spawn will determine a lot of things, so attempt to get to the edge and then move in gently to spend as much time as you can on the floor.