Giant Wanted

Giant Wanted

Giant Wanted

In the 3D shooting game Giant Wanted, you take on the role of a brave sniper who must defend your village. What would you do if a group of hostile giants stormed your city? Just because they are so enormous shouldn't make you terrified of them.

A strong shot from a specialized weapon can take down even the biggest behemoth. Fortunately, you do. Start your search by going outside and into the streets in Giant Wanted! Use a high-energy sniper rifle to pierce numerous barriers by adjusting the firing angle, mastering the shooting time, and focusing on the target.

You will get points for every giant you take out. By the time the level is through, you want to have collected as many of them as you can. Make careful the giants don't approach you too closely. Call your pals, pick your favorite sniper gun, and launch the rescue mission right now!


The aim may be adjusted with a slide, and it is quite simple to fire and destroy the adversary.

This is a game you must play if you enjoy shooting games a lot. If you want to get more fantastic amusement time with FPS games, check out Funny Shooter 2.

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