Grand Extreme Racing

Grand Extreme Racing

Grand Extreme Racing

Grand Extreme Racing is an entertaining racing game in which you must drive your car in thrilling races.

These cars are fast, and the drivers are ruthless! What about using your super fast car to join these racers in the Grand Extreme Racing game? Join a long championship adventure and acquire the world championship cups with your race car, or participate in single or two-player practice or challenge races!

How to play

  • To move forward, press the up arrow key
  • To go backward, press the down arrow key.
  • To go sideways, use the left and right arrow keys.

Before beginning the official races, practice driving skillfully. Many players struggle with the corners. You can enter practice mode to hone the abilities required to play this game. Furthermore, remember to visit the Garage department to purchase new cars with distinctive designs such as the Bkluran-A5, Bell Rud-S, Pulrari-C4 or Bell Rud-T. In this part, you can also enhance your car's engine and replace its tires.

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