Grimace Only Up!

Grimace Only Up!

Grimace Only Up!

Grimace Only Up! is an exciting platformer with endless problems and excitement, so prepare for a fascinating voyage. 

This platformer will have you on the edge of your seat and your heart racing. Grimace, our charming and skilled hero, will lead you through a perilous environment teeming with floating objects, terrifying traps, and dizzying heights. What is your intention? As you progress toward your ultimate goal, the finish line, you will need to hop, duck, and weave your way through various obstacles.  


  • The WASD keys are used to operate Grimace, as well as to travel left and right through the airborne items.
  • By hitting the SPACE key, Grimace can make gravity-defying jumps. Timing is your best ally, so nail those jumps to avoid hazards and progress upward.


  • Simple but captivating gameplay 
  • Difficult roadblocks 
  • There are several levels to play. 
  • Excellent sound effects and graphics

Only Up Parkour is an excellent choice if you're looking for an interesting and challenging arcade game. More Parkour games are available here, so take a look!