Only Up Parkour

Only Up Parkour

Only Up Parkour

Only Up Parkour is a fun action game where you have to get past hurdles and reach new heights.

This extreme sport requires a lot of strength and skill, and runners who do it look like real-life gods. You have to help the character get through a vertical maze that is full of different hazards. To avoid falling, be careful with your steps. If you do, you will have to start over at the last crossing point. Now is the time to put your skills, reflexes, and patience to the test, because parkour takes almost supernatural quickness. 

How to play Only Up Parkour

To stay up and not trip and fall, you need to be quick, jump just right, and climb carefully. As you play, things like moving platforms and barriers that spin around will become more difficult. It's an exciting trip!


  • Go on a journey that will make you think of new ideas.
  • Master your parkour skills and do jumps that challenge gravity.
  • See how high you can go and try to beat your old record.
  • Get lost in a 3D world with lots of details

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