Heroball SuperHero

Heroball SuperHero

Heroball SuperHero

Heroball Superhero is an exciting platform run-and-jump game that you should try right away! Demonstrate your abilities and become the hero the world requires by defeating the minions and restoring peace to the planet.

The world is in danger as evil minions plot to turn it into a square shape. But don't worry, a hero has appeared to save the day! In Heroball Superhero, you control various Marvel Comics superheroes in the form of balls. New characters such as AmericaBall, SpiderBall, and Ironball await your arrival!

You will be able to roll and bounce like a ball while avoiding various obstacles and enemies in your path in Heroball Superhero. As you collect stars, join HeroBall on an exciting adventure. Make an attempt to reach the portal at the end of each level. You can defeat your opponents by landing on their heads and using cool superpowers such as a shield or a super jump.


To move, use the arrow keys or the WASD keys!

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