Monster Truck Soccer

Monster Truck Soccer

Monster Truck Soccer

To win in Monster Truck Soccer, you must score more points than your opponent. Get behind the wheel and demonstrate to your opponents that your driving prowess rivals your ball-passing acrobatics.

First things first, decide the nation you wish to represent. The audience is cheering, and the sound of the monster trucks' engines is being muffled. You should make every effort to make them proud since you can hear them calling out your name at the top of their lungs! With bizarre physics, collide and smash into one another.


  • Eight teams to select from
  • Vibrant 2D images
  • Easily replaceable helmets on your truck
  • Enthralling gameplay


  • The arrow keys and the SPACE BAR can be used to play the game. 
  • You have the ability to move your monster truck left and right with the arrow keys. 
  • To jump, press the up arrow key. 
  • You can use the SPACE BAR key to dash. 

Whether FIFA-sanctioned or not, this is an entertaining football game to play. Try Penalty Kick Online for an alternative approach to the game of soccer games. Play right now! 

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