Moto Stuntman

Moto Stuntman

Moto Stuntman

Get ready for Moto Stuntman, the ultimate motorbike racing challenge. Take on tracks with a variety of terrains and distinctive settings to test your stuntman prowess! 

Take in the excitement of plunging through the abyss or flying off into the skies while pulling off amazing stunts. Gain valuable seconds by performing amazing feats and riding amazing motorcycles while navigating steep tracks. You must compete in a range of unique places and conquer obstacles present by nature to cross the finish line. Show off your speed and agility behind the wheel by completing difficult tasks quickly.


  • Utilize the W-key or substitute the up-arrow for a gasket. 
  • To apply the brakes, press the down arrow or the S key. 
  • To turn the motorcycle around and do a somersault, press the A and D buttons or the left and right arrow keys.

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