Papa's Wingeria

Papa's Wingeria

Papa's Wingeria

Prepare yourself for a brand-new time-management test with the Papa's Wingeria game! By now, you've probably heard of this well-known franchise and its captivating games.

The sixth installment in the Papa's game series is called Papa's Wingeria. In this game of restaurant management, you play as the owner of a Starlight City-based fried chicken wing joint. In this game, taking orders and serving mouthwatering meals is your main responsibility. Come along and let's see who can manage the restaurant in this game.

How to Play

Choose a character to begin with! You can pick Chuck, Mandy, or a character that you make yourself. Not only can you choose a hairstyle, but you can also choose a facial expression. On top of that, you can win cool clothes by playing.

Now it's time for YOU to train! You can move your mouse between the four stations and then click and drag to do all the steps needed to make some tasty chicken wings. Be careful about how you move! If you make a mistake, your customer will be unhappy, and you will lose money.

Write down what your customer wants as the first step. Write down each part of the dish and add it in the right order! Now let's go to the Frying Station. Here, you need to pick out the right number of wings and put them in the deep fryer until they're done. Don't burn them while you're doing other things!

There are still tons of their Papa's games for us to play like Papa's Freezeria. Enjoy yourselves! 

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