Parkour Block 6
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Parkour Block 6

Parkour Block 6

Parkour Block 6 is a skill game set in a 3D pixel universe influenced by Minecraft's graphic style. Are you ready to put your dexterity, agility, and precision to the test as you navigate difficult obstacles in Parkour Block 6

Introduce the latest installment game Parkour Block 6

Parkour Block returns in its latest iteration with more than 70 new levels. More levels, mechanics, and a new hardcore mode await you!

  • Normal Mode: Your goal is to finish the levels faster than everyone else. Normal Mode One level at a time this mode performs. Finish every level fastest to earn three stars in this mode! 
  • Speed ​​Run Mode: The most crucial element of the game; it is not split into levels. Finish the game fastest you can to set a record.
  • Hardcore Mode: This edition features a new mode called Hardcore Mode. The gameplay is essentially exactly like Speed Run Mode, except every time you fall you go back to level 1 from the very beginning of the game.

How to play

Like with the other Parkour Block games, you should exercise caution not to trip into the lava between the platforms along the path. 

  • To move you use the WASD keys
  • Use the spacebar to jump. 
  • To look around, use the mouse.