Penalty Champs 22

Penalty Champs 22

Penalty Champs 22

Penalty Champs 22 is a fantastic soccer game in which you can compete in a tournament penalty shootout. Show off your ball-handling skills! In Penalty Champs 22, you must demonstrate your ability to remain calm during the crucial penalty match. Do you have steely nerves?

Prepare for a four-match football marathon involving just penalties! Who rises and who falls will be determined by these bullets! Select your team, and let's get in line.

How to play 

The goal is straightforward: you must score more goals than your opponent. Select your favorite national team, shoot, defend penalties, and win the trophy. Have fun whether you play the tournament with or without the group stage!


  • 2D graphics that are colorful
  • Simple controls and demanding gameplay help to improve reflexes.
  • Options for team and nationality

If you enjoy Penalty Champ 22, why not try its precursor, Penalty Kick Target?

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