Penalty Kick Target

Penalty Kick Target

Penalty Kick Target

Penalty Kick Target is a fun football game in which you aim and kick.

This game is normally given to a player who is not in the penalty area. These players can shoot from the outside of the penalty area. They cannot, however, shoot from outside the penalty area unless permitted to do so. Do you have faith in your abilities? The suspense and drama of a penalty kick has the potential to turn any game into a nail-biting contest.

How to play

The goal of the kicker is to kick the ball into the goal. The kicker must be careful not to strike the ball too hard or too softly, as this will cause it to go out of play.

To become the best, hit the target and don't miss! Improve your reflexes and aim for the bullseye. To achieve high scores, hit as many as you can. Also check out Penalty Kick Online for more Penalty Games.

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