Ragdoll Duel: Boxing

Ragdoll Duel: Boxing

Ragdoll Duel: Boxing

Play Ragdoll Duel: Boxing in an intriguing secret fight club to test your amazing physical prowess! It's time to get into the ring and engage in one of the hardest battles of your life after many hours of intense training.

How to play Ragdoll Duel: Boxing 

You have to stop your opponent from doing everything it takes to win! Raise your fists and strike your opponent forcefully to entirely remove any life from his bar. Can you eliminate him before he eliminates you?


  • Player 1: Move with A, D, crouch with S, punch with F, then deliver a powerful blow with G.
  • Player 2: Move left-right, kneel down, punch with L, then deliver a powerful blow with K.

Tips and Tricks

In this game, it's all about substance over speed to win. Avoid aimless punching and instead choose to deliver well-timed blows. Keep a watchful eye on your opponent's movements and strike when they're unprepared. The Super Punch is a game-changing move; time your strike to perfection.

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