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Rowdy Wrestling

Rowdy Wrestling

Time to determine in Rowdy Wrestling who of you is the better wrestler. Your objective right now is to be the final person in the ring standing. Colin Lane Games is the developer of this game. Take off for the streets of Rowdy City and you will be given the opportunity to have a wrestling career pro now. You will engage with a diverse array of individuals during the course of your career.  

Gameplay of Rowdy Wrestling

Choose your warrior and step into the ring to start defeating a slew of crazy wrestlers. Punches and kicks can propel you to the pinnacle of your profession. Being the last person standing in the ring is your objective during these periods. By leaping and then pressing the attack button to deliver a flying kick to the head, you can temporarily incapacitate your opponent. This is your chance to hit him when he is unable to protect himself or knock him out of the ring. 


  • Use the Arrow keys to move
  • Use Z to punch/throw out of the ring
  • Use Up arrow + Z to dropkick

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