Skateboard Challenge

Skateboard Challenge

Skateboard Challenge

Skateboard Challenge is an exciting vertical skateboarding game that you should not pass up!

Try to collect as many coins as you can in each of your runs for a high score. To complete the level, make sure you reach your target distance. You should also collect as many letters as you can in order to form the words at the top for extra points, and collect bonus items such as magnets.


  • Press Z for a kickflip
  • Use C for heelflip
  • Use X for an indy grab
  • Press space for Ollies
  • Land on the rail and press left for a 5-0 grind, right for a nosegrind, and down for a noseslide.

Unlock new characters and try to complete all stages to prove you're a true skater. Have a good time playing Skateboard Challenge!

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