Slam Dunk Brush

Slam Dunk Brush

Slam Dunk Brush

Slam Dunk Brush is a skill game that tests your ability to draw quickly and is dependent on reaction. Make use of lines to guide the basketball into the hoop. You're going to have to play a different kind of basketball today. A basketball brush that you control will make lines as the ball rolls. You have to play as long as you can to prevent losing since the game is scored.


  • Play without limits: keeps you interested for several hours.
  • Bonus points: Accuracy, speed, and ricochets.
  • Different Types of Obstacles: Spikes and bouncers increase the unpredictable.
  • Buying Tools: When you're stuck, save up some cash to buy springs and magnets.

How to play

To draw a line with your mouse that will direct the ball toward the hoop, click and drag. For each level, you can draw a maximum of three lines. Take care to prevent any explosives from striking the basket. Never forget to steer clear of the bombs at all costs and gather stars to unlock awesome new brushes. 

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