Squad Goals: Soccer 3D
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Squad Goals: Soccer 3D

Squad Goals: Soccer 3D

As a player in the fun soccer game Squad Goals, you can get into a crazy game. 

Your objective in this game is to triumph in every single match that you compete in. Your team should break the scoring seal and be the first to do so. You have the option of playing the game, which can quickly turn into a wild ball war! There aren't any rules against you, so you can play however you want! You can shoot, dribble, score, and dribble again. Everything can change because of your clicks. Will you be the first to score and win the game? 


  • Brilliant 3D graphics
  • There are two game types to try.
  • Several stats can be used to make daily gifts better.
  • Fun games to play
  • Controls that easy.


Tap and drag to move your soccer player around the field.

If you want to hit or pass, let go and aim while sliding. 

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