Sticky Basket

Sticky Basket

Sticky Basket

Prepare yourself for Sticky Basket, an exhilarating basketball game that will test the limits of your shooting ability. By launching the ball into the hoop at various distances and stages, you may assess your accuracy. 

Continue by increasing your shooting rates and aiming farther and farther throughout all levels. Alternatively, relish the soothing training mode that allows you to pull freely from a greater distance. You may hone your shooting abilities from a range of distances in the game's captivating training mode. You'll be captivated by this game for hours on end by its heart-pounding excitement.

How to play Sticky Basket

To play, just aim and point the ball toward the basket, then release it with a shooting motion. Making good shots will help you score as many points as you can. To increase your shot accuracy, it's a good idea to spend some time in training mode before moving on to the higher levels. Additionally, keep in mind that the force needed for each shot varies based on how far away the basket is.


To play, just click or tap once.


Just one Click/Tap to play.

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