Street Ball Star

Street Ball Star

Street Ball Star

Prepare to showcase your skills as a Street Ball Star basketball player. In the limited time you have, how many baskets can you make? 

Gameplay of Street Ball Star 

Do you think you're a decent basketball player and do you enjoy playing the game? As the name suggests, this is not a luxury basketball court—rather, it's played on the streets—but maybe if you ball hard enough. You are a professional basketball player in this throwback sports game. In two difficult game settings, your objective is to score as many points as you can, just as in other basketball games. Recall to pay attention to the wind and to the basket. Coins can also be collected with each flawless hoop. Receive gifts and put everything together to open up awesome new places. 


Hit the left mouse button after aiming the ball toward the net. 

Shooting free throws right now may make you a live street basketball legend. Shooting for glory in this exciting basketball simulator will allow you to refine your reflexes. Have fun!  

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