Suika Shapes

Suika Shapes

Suika Shapes

In the vibrant and captivating puzzle game Suika Shapes, you must join two shapes of the same hue to make a bigger shape and raise your score. 

Suika Shapes' main objective is to successfully finish each level by arranging geometric objects, or "shapes," within a predetermined game space like in Suika Game. Take caution—you have less space to play with the more you do. You can experiment with different game modes, shapes, and leaderboards in addition to rotating and carefully arranging the shapes. Beyond its difficult gameplay, Suika Shapes enthralls players with its eye-catching visuals. Combining shapes of various colors results in a captivating show on the screen that improves the gameplay experience in general. 

How to play

  • Drag and Drop: To move forms into the playing area, use your mouse or touchscreen.
  • Rotation: Turn each form to determine the best placement orientation.
  • Scaling: To ensure an exact fit in certain levels, you might need to adjust the shapes' sizes.

Enter the realm of Suika Shapes, where cunning and strategy are everything. This puzzle game offers a ton of levels to complete and obstacles to overcome, making it an engaging and thought-provoking experience.

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