Colin Lane invented the bizarre physics-based American football game Touchdowners, which is also akin to rugby games. The game provides you with a choice of gaming styles and difficulties in both solo and two-player modes, as well as arcade and career options. 

Gameplay of Touchdowners 

Securing the most touchdowns is the goal in Touchdowners. To reach the finish zone first with your three-player squad, you must run, leap, and pass. Plan to play the career or arcade modes alone or with two other players. To go to the end zone, pass, wrestle, and jump; then, slam the ball down. Can you surpass every Touchdowner in the history of the universe?


Player 1

  • Use Z to Move left
  • Use X to Move right
  • Use C to Pass ball

Player 2

  • Use Arrow keys to Move left/right
  • Use M to Pass ball

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