VEX 3 Xmas

VEX 3 Xmas

VEX 3 Xmas

Immerse yourself in a quaint Christmas scene by playing VEX 3 Xmas. This time, use your leaping, sprinting, and twisting skills to go between candy canes, Christmas trees, and wintry scenery. 

Discover happy levels decorated for Christmas, go over dangerous obstacles, and experience the excitement of perfect platforming. Both seasoned Vex players and newcomers will enjoy Vex 3 Xmas's fantastic holiday gaming experience, which combines challenging platforming action with a festive atmosphere.


  • Inspiring scene during the winter
  • Conventional Vex hacking
  • Embracing an adventure
  • The pleasures of the holidays and challenges
  • This holiday season, rise to the challenge of the winter and defeat this action-packed platformer to create a memorable VeXmas.


  • Use "WASD" or "ARROW KEYS" to move.
  • Use "S" or "DOWN ARROW" so slide.
  • Use "W" or "UP ARROW" to jump.
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