Vex 6

Vex 6

Vex 6

Are you ready to guide the valiant man through Vex 6's exhilarating levels? Vex 6 has a number of fresh features and challenges.

Each level requires you to navigate a variety of difficult traps and obstacles. Run, jump, and scale walls to get around dangerous spikes, saws, and other obstacles. You can also take a look at other interesting games in the Vex games series.

How to play

Move with the arrow or WASD keys, and use the "R" key to restart a level. Use the on-screen buttons for touch devices. Similar to earlier Vex games, you will frequently be slashed, splattered, and beheaded by various lethal apparatuses. Playing more and more until you have mastered the timing and technique is the only way to improve and decrease deaths.


  • Avoid dangerous traps and dangers.
  • daily additional levels, as well as new skins for your character.
  • Utilizing fullscreen mode is cost-free.

Have a good time!

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