A Small World Cup
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A Small World Cup

A Small World Cup

A Small World Cup is a fun two-person soccer game. Your squad consists solely of a rag doll, which you must slam into the ball to score a goal. 

What is A Small World Cup game? 

The FIFA World Cup, a quadrennial competition with 32 countries competing for the ultimate title, is the pinnacle of international football. The essence of this massive international sporting event is condensed into a bite-sized World Cup game. Envision an 8-bit, throwback football game where players compete for goals and victory on cute, chibi-styled fields. The game is well-known for its outrageous gameplay, funny animations, and ragdoll physics. There are a lot of different teams that players can choose from, and each has its pros and cons. You can either play for fun or in the World Cup. Make your selections about difficulty, team, and progress through the tournament. 

Controls Guide

To slam the player, drag the mouse and then release it in the desired direction. 

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