Basketball Dig

Basketball Dig

Basketball Dig

With Basketball Dig, set out on an exciting voyage through the sand. In this game, the joy of exploring a universe full of unusual elements and obstacles collides with the thrill of dunking the ball.

Gameplay of Basketball Dig

Basketball Dig skillfully combines the mystery of a treasure hunt with the thrill of making baskets. Digging through the sand to make a path for the ball to slam successfully is the players' responsibility. In addition to the thrill of finishing 50 eye-catching and challenging stages, this game's addicting gameplay offers players the chance to earn three stars, which unlocks priceless goodies and lets them experiment with a wide variety of fresh and distinctive skins.  


  • Creative Thinking and Logical Thinking: encourages players to use both rational and imaginative thinking to go through the sand and use various techniques to slam the basketball.
  • Realistic Physics: This adds to the gaming experience by simulating activities like sand-digging and basketball dunking.
  • Reward System: Encourages players to aim for perfection in every level by offering a reward system wherein earning three stars unlocks further incentives.


To play, click or tap with the mouse. Dig up to the basket's top.

Basketball Dig is a fascinating and fun game with realistic physics, a rewarding system, a shop with special skins, and a collection of 50 different and interesting levels.

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