Color Tunnel

Color Tunnel

Color Tunnel

Color Tunnel invites you to spend some time in an out-of-this-world multicolored wormhole-like tunnel. Can you navigate your way to the farthest end in safety?

You may keep rolling down the tube in this skill game with captivating 3D visuals for as long as you can. All you need to do is become accustomed to moving in a dynamic manner and be able to avoid every barrier in your path.

You will go through a number of levels in Color Tunnel, each of which will present you with progressively challenging challenges as you go. Rapidly moving through a tunnel of color while dodging various types of obstacles. To swiftly shift positions when you pass an obstacle, you must be extremely nimble and accurate.


  • Vivid 3D graphics
  • Attractive and vibrant level design
  • New levels provide more challenging obstacles
  • If you have trouble with the rewarded advertisement, you may still play
  • Various platforms and difficulties

How to play

Attempt to navigate these barriers' open spaces. You will be able to access more colors as you travel farther and encounter more difficult obstacles to avoid. You will lose the game if you unintentionally run into a barrier, so don't worry. You may always view a paid advertisement and keep descending.

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