Craft Drill

Craft Drill

Craft Drill

In Craft Drill, take charge of a drill and delve far to get precious stones! Beneath the surface, there are a plethora of hidden jewels waiting to be discovered and capitalized on! How far down are you able to dig?


  • Upgrades to Drills: Develop your drilling skills to become unstoppable powerhouses that can overcome any obstacle.
  • Resource Extraction: To build riches and unleash the potential for extravagance in your mining empire, mine coal, iron, gold, and diamonds.
  • Financial Approach: To establish and grow your mining empire, strategically manage your resources. Make informed choices to increase your earnings and lead a successful life.
  • Lighthearted Gaming: Savor the easy-to-use controls and captivating gameplay.

How to play Craft Drill

With the help of a strong drill, go on an exhilarating mining trip and find buried riches in this gripping game. Using your drill, your goal in Craft Drill is to gather as many priceless rocks and gems as possible. Although it's a simple machine when you initially start the game, it's enough to earn you some cash. Raise your drill skills, take on challenging stages, and aim to become the greatest mining magnate.


To move the drill, press the arrow keys. 

Click the button in the lower right corner to switch to the collection machine once you've broken through enough resources. This will load all of the shattered rocks onto the truck for sale, placing them on the conveyor belt. When the truck returns, you will be paid. To increase the effectiveness of your drill, use the upgrades menu and the shop. 

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