Drift Boss

Drift Boss

Drift Boss

In the game Drift Boss, you have to put your drifting prowess to the test to see if you're the best. Maneuver your car like a pro and slide around the track at top speed to take turns!

You can find a number of cool vehicles hidden throughout the game by collecting points. These could be a wide range of vehicles, such as ice cream trucks, ambulances, and fire trucks. Your drifting abilities will be put to the test, and it will help you advance them, in this enjoyable and immersive experience. Being the first to the finish line faster than the other competitors is important, but developing original strategies will also determine the winner of this competition.

How to play

To get the highest score and cover the greatest distance, you must maintain precise control of your vehicle. Make it a priority to collect as many gold coins as you can, as doing so will allow you to buy extras and new, better-performing vehicles.

A total of 30 cars can be unlocked; some of them can be bought with gold, while others - some of which are occasionally bizarre - can be unlocked by gathering and completing a set of cards.


  • Fantastic 3D arcade environment
  • Develop your drifting skills.
  • Attempt to get the highest score you can.
  • Access to some cool vehicles will be granted as you earn more points.

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