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EG Rolling 3D

EG Rolling 3D

In EG Rolling 3D, one of the slope games, you must maintain your balance to dodge the hazards.

You must control a ball that is thrown down a series of inclined and sloped platforms. As far as you can roll while dodging everything and collecting diamonds! You must pay special attention to the screen in order to reach the highest level in the slope world with a high slope angle.


Right and left arrows should be used to control the ball.


  • Collectible crystals that may be used to buy power-ups and unlock new ball forms.
  • Moving barriers and swinging platforms are two new challenges.
  • Enjoyable, frantic gameplay with top-notch music
  • Infinite, go as far as you can!

EG Rolling 3D is similar to numerous games where you run forever while earning money. Two well-liked, addicting replacements are Tomb Runner and Run 3!