Elite Soccer

Elite Soccer

Elite Soccer

Rage Software created Elite Soccer for the SNES, which is also referred to as "World Cup Striker" in Europe and Japan. For those who enjoy playing video games, this old-school unblocked game is kept as a museum piece. The soccer gameplay in this game is arcade-style, with players able to choose from a variety of foreign teams and engage in matches with adjustable rules and difficulty settings.

In order to compete in the World Cup event and take home the coveted title, Elite Soccer gives players the option to select from 24 national teams, including those from the United States, England, France, and Brazil. There are numerous gaming modes in the game, including:

  • Exhibition mode
  • Tournament mode
  • League mode
  • Penalty Kick modes

Instead of playing in a round robin format like in the World Cup, players can alternatively opt to participate in a knockout-style event. 

How to play

With an overhead view and a third-person viewpoint for penalty kicks, the primary gameplay is identical to previous games. Select the type of game to be played indoors or outdoors, the goalies' abilities, and the weather. To fit their preferences, you can also alter the players' looks and attributes.  

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