Golf Solitaire Pro

Golf Solitaire Pro

Golf Solitaire Pro

Golf Solitaire Pro allows cards to be removed from the arrangement if they are only one level above or below the visible deck card. 

Gameplay of Golf Solitaire Pro

The card game is incredibly joyful and simple to play. In the vein of solitaire, this is an amazing card game. Placing every card in the packaging is your task. Any cards in the layout that are one higher or lower than the card from the visible deck at the bottom can be eliminated. A 2 or a King can be used to play the Ace, which is both high and low in value. It is a game where color is irrelevant. Be the first to finish the course with all of the deck cards remaining. 


Manipulate the card using your mouse.


  • An animated golf theme to create a calm and soothing ambiance.
  • An appealing and easily mastered free solitaire game with instructions that are clear.
  • You can compare and compete with family and friends by using both local and online high scores.
  • Engross yourself in the serene fairway with exquisite animations and well-selected music effects.

Click/tap a card to use it.

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