LEGO Smart Dash

LEGO Smart Dash

LEGO Smart Dash

Play the entertaining, impromptu racing game LEGO Smart Dash to demonstrate your spirit of competition and athletic prowess. 

Since sports and leading an active lifestyle are highly valued in the Lego universe, jogging is occasionally conducted in Lengo City. Simply guide a character through his run while gathering each uplifting emoticon. You must be honest in your response when necessary. While playing like a tiny Lego and gathering every smiley you see, respond to the simple questions that could assist to reflect your race. 


Single Player: To move, click and drag with your mouse.

2 Player:

  • Player 1: Move by clicking the mouse. 
  • Player 2: To move, use the arrow keys.

So that you may play with them and have more fun, invite a friend over. 

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