Nick Basketball Stars 2
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Nick Basketball Stars 2

Nick Basketball Stars 2

Nick Basketball Stars 2 is a fun basketball game that includes many well-known Nickelodeon characters. Choose one renowned figure and learn the fundamentals, such as grabbing the ball and shooting it through the basket. 

About Nick Basketball Stars 2

Nick Basketball Stars' second season is ready to begin! This game is ideal for you if you love playing basketball games like Basketball Stars. Become one of the greatest athletes in history, such as Lebron James, Stephen Curry, or Michael Jordan. You will witness thrilling games of basketball between animated figures. Sarts by choosing an item and their avatar from each of the three sections. 

  • To win in Quick Match mode, you need to score 21 points. 
  • You have to win six games to advance in Championship mode. 
  • To advance in All Stars mode, you need to win two-, three-, or four-player 3-Point Shootout, H.O.R.S.E., or Dunk Challenge matches.

How to play Nick Basketball Stars 2

Prepare for dribbling by putting on your trainers! Select your preferred character, then take in an exciting match. Try for a monster dunk to get three points. On the basketball floor, the power-ups occasionally emerge. Gather them to increase your strength and speed. When the timer goes off, do your best to score more points than your opponent.


  • The Left and Right Arrow keys can be used to make a character run. 
  • Use the Up Arrow to make them jump or double-jump. 
  • Use the Spacebar to make them shoot the ball or assault another player who isn't holding the ball. 
  • Press and hold both the Up Arrow and Spacebar simultaneously to have them jump and dunk the ball.

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