Parking Rush

Parking Rush

Parking Rush

Prepare to play Parking Rush, where your sole objective is to park each car correctly on each level.

Although it might be difficult, parking your car in the best position can be enjoyable if you approach it like a game. Prepare to solve the parking challenge in this game, which has several stages and straightforward gameplay principles. There will be different vehicles and parking spaces when you first start. It's time to go sketching!

How to play

Assist vehicles in finding the ideal parking space so as to prevent collisions. Draw a line from the vehicle to the corresponding colored parking spot using your mouse or finger. Thus, in order to enter the red parking spot, the red automobile must avoid colliding with the yellow car en route. 

This isn't always simple because automobiles frequently have to cross paths to go around obstructions and into the parking spot. Draw the lines deftly to prevent automobiles from passing in the same area at the same time, or use alternate routes to direct them to their parking spaces. 

You're in for 40 thrilling levels full of fresh challenges! Will you be able to answer every logic puzzle without making any mistakes? Parking Fury 3 is the most recently released version that is ready for you to try. Have a great time here! 

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