Santa Run
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Santa Run

Santa Run

In Santa Run, you play as Santa Claus, and your job is to give out gifts. As you run through the streets at night, avoid obstacles and collect points. 


  • A happy Christmas song for a game where you keep running and running.
  • Controls that are easy to use for smooth games
  • Power-ups give you extra points and help you win the game.
  • Increasing the amount of difficulty to make the game more difficult
  • The city has a beautiful look that goes well with the happy mood.

Tips on how to play

Get as many power-ups as you can and avoid any hurdles in your way to raise your score. The game is getting harder, so keep your skills up! As you earn more points, Santa is getting closer to his goal of giving gifts.


Hold down WASD to move.

Think about what might go wrong and decide quickly what to do. Not only do bonus items raise your score, but they also protect you from harm or speed you up for a short time. Remember that the game gets faster over time, so keep improving your skills!